Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shoulder update

Hello all,

After only a few short weeks I had an appointment but due to work and my shifts it was last week when I could finally see somone re my MRI scan results.

I saw the actual Head of Department and he told me my collarbone is one of the worst he has seen, to quote "it is a right mess in there"! After discussing the X-rays etc he said there is still "some healing going on in there" and due to that he is loathe to touch it or operate until that has settled down. Although not specific as to when - or what - actually happened he seems to think I fractured the collarbone this time, and unfortunately, due to the previous injuries sustained (I broke/separated it when I was 17) AND the injury this time the Hospital missed it in February when they did the initial X-ray.

I have now had to make another appointment for 3 months and subject to how it is healing he is thinking of removing 4-5mm off my collarbone to improve movement, so yes you have guessed it, I am no further ahead and as it stands not racing for the forseeable future.

Cheers, Jagger

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shoulder injury update

Update on progress

Jagger has finally had his MRI scan today and now has to wait 4 weeks for the results. Hopefully this should give a better understanding regarding the condition of his shoulder.

We'll update you when we know more.


Monday, 3 September 2012

Fantasy Riders Update (Aug)

Hi All

Just to give you the latest league table for the Jagger Racing Fantasy Riders Teams.  Still a couple of months for those of you trailing to catch-up.  Use your extra £10m to boost your teams.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Jagger's Season Comes to an Abrupt End

Hello Everybody

As reported earlier in the year I've suffered a shoulder injury which has had quite an effect on my racing and fitness.

I was initially told by the minor injuries clinic by an X-Ray that there were no breaks and it was just soft tissue damage.  I had a course of physio treatments and was declared fit to race just prior to the Cadwell Park meeting in April. 

After a promising start there that ended badly with a crash and then at Donington I was frustrated with my results, mainly suffering from lack of fitness and riding time.

With the shoulder showing no signs of improvement and causing me much discomfort, I went back to my doctor who referred me to see a local shoulder physiotherapist.  He quickly diagnosed my problem and told me I should have had an operation in February.

This made me think hard about this year's racing and with the club choosing to cancel Anglesey in July I decided to rest until Croft.  Since then I've been to see a shoulder consultant at the hospital and I'm now awaiting MRI scans to determine the full extent of my injury.

With only three rounds of the season left and the uncertainty over my shoulder I have decided to cancel the remaining rounds to recovery fully.

So, sorry no Croft this weekend if anyone was planning on coming to watch.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Racing Postponed for Jagger

Hi Team.

Jagger is still struggling with his shoulder injury picked up whilst snowboarding in February and has decided to withdraw from the Cadwell meeting at the end of this month.

Derby Phoenix have cancelled the Anglesey meeting scheduled for 14/15 July due to them having no doctors available to attend.

So, this means that we will be having a well deserved summer break and hope Jagger will be back fighting fit for the Croft rounds on 18/19 August.

Hope the weather picks up.


Jagger & Lou

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fantasy Riders Update

So, we are coming up to the half way mark thorough the 2012 season. There's been six World Superbike, five MotoGP and four British Superbike rounds and the current Championship leaders are Max Biaggi, Jorge Lorenzo and Josh Brookes but who will it be in a month's time? or at the end of the season?

This weekend is the British MotoGP at Silverstone, anyone going? Will it rain? Phil and I are thinking about it, weather depending! Will Cal Crutchlow shine in his home round?

Here's the current Jagger Racing league table. Maybe it's time some of you reviewed your teams, I'm not normally in the Top Three!!



Monday, 21 May 2012

Donington Park - THIS WEEKEND!!

Hello All

We've been busy preparing for this weekend's “home round” at Donington Park in Leicestershire on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May 2012.

After the disappointment at Cadwell, the bike was repaired, although to be honest, not too much damage.

I had a track day last week as a shakedown prior to this weekend's meeting, considering it is my local track I've not ridden there since 2008.

The track day itself was quite tricky with very cold temperatures and a damp track. The first two sessions were on intermediate tyres, it was then dry enough to change to a dry set up, only for the weather to change completely and it poured down, meaning another tyre change!

After lunch, the sun came out and the track had dried, I ventured out onto a dry track. However, despite the repeated advice of my pit crew, I hadn't drained the belly pan of the water from the wet session, convinced that it would be OK and evaporate didn't!! As I tipped into Coppice the remaining water tipped onto the track with me gracefully slipping to the side. Luckily it was only an 'out' lap and I wasn't traveling too fast. As the red flags came out to stop the session, rather embarrassed, I rode the bike back to the pits.

A quick inspection revealed no damage and after emptying the belly pan of gravel, I was back on track for the next session. This session went really well, but the final session of the day was missed as a hailstorm hit us and turned the track into a skating rink, just before we were due to go out.

I'm quite looking forward to this weekend's meeting. Fingers crossed the weather stays sunny and dry as predicted, if you fancy a day trip out, hope to see you there. We'll be in one of the garages.



PS: Here is the updated Fantasy Riders Jagger Racing League Table. Well done Karl, keep up the good work, and I've just nicked second place from Lou!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Cadwell Park - Race Report

Hi Folks

So this weekend's start to the season didn't quite go to plan. Jagger started 15th on the grid for race one and finished, after 8 laps, in 6th. He'd have been happy with this all weekend!!

The second race was red flagged on the 2nd lap, Jagger was in 3rd, and re-started after being held on the grid for well over 10 minutes. The restart saw Phil take a tumble at the Gooseneck from 4th place, his "cold" rear tyre spun round on him, a full 360 or more, didn't spit him off, but attached him to his bike by a handlebar down his boot (new boots!) then dragged him along the track until he managed to free himself. Minor damage to bike but a very very bruised rider.

Bike repaired and scruitineered for Sunday but the weather was awful. First race Phil had chosen wrong tyres and came in from sighting lap, the second race was halted as hail storm started. Phil didn't go out for anymore races, as aches and pains kicked in from cold weather.

Phil's disappointed with the weekend, but he'll live. Roll on Donington Park - May 26/27th.

See you there?

Lou & Jagger

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cadwell Park - 14/15 April 2012 - This Weekend!

Hello All

Further to my previous blog regarding my shoulder, after having physio, I've now had the all clear to race and am heading to Cadwell Park this weekend.

Testing on Friday 13th, with racing on Saturday and Sunday.

For any of you that can make it, please come and join us in the paddock.



Fantasy Riders results after two World Superbike and one MotoGP and British Superbike rounds.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hello again!

Further to my previous post here is an update so far and unfortunately this one isn't good news......

After the fall off my 'board last month I went to the hospital on my return to the UK and was pleased to find I'd not broken anything (though I was a little disappointed by the attitude of the nurses who were less than enthusiastic or sympathetic!). I also went to the Doctors who were also not that much use either! I'd done some research myself and thanks to my super helpful physio mate (cheers Neil!) we worked out I'd partially separated my AC joint and then put it back in place whilst in the shower the following day.

I was hoping to "self manage" the injury but unfortunately whilst it has got better (I've not had time off work) it hasn't got better as quick as I'd like and simply isn't up to the rigours of racing. So with regret I've withdrawn my entry to Snetterton next week.

My intention is to return to racing for the Cadwell meeting 14/15th April.

Stay tuned and hopefully see you there......

Cheers, Jagger

PS For those of you that have tried to contact me we have just found out that the web site is NOT re-directing mail to me. I have no idea how long this has been out of action so apologies if you've messaged me and I've not replied. We're working on it! Try us on

Sunday, 19 February 2012

2012 Season soon to start...

Hi All

I hope you have all had a good start to the New Year and are well rested after the closed season.

There has been plenty of things happening away from the racing world and whilst not directly affecting my racing it has taken my focus off the track. I hope to remedy this and also update the blog on a more frequent basis.

Things took a slight turn for the worse during my annual snowboarding trip earlier this month when I fell and suffered a separated AC joint (roughly translated to a dislocated collar bone and damaged the attached ligaments). I put the collar bone back into place in the shower and I'm currently rehabilitating/strengthening the shoulder. As you can imagine this is quite painful and is restricting my preparations and especially my training. I'm hoping to make the first round at Snetterton on the weekend of 17/18 March and will update on my progress and final decision nearer the time.

Meanwhile the Fantasy Riders competition starts this Friday at Phillip Island in Australia with the World Superbike grid lining up. Those wishing to join in with the league, please click here. You only need to choose your WSBK team for now as the British and MotoGP season doesn't start until early April.

Our Jagger Racing league is number 42 and the password is 19derbyp

Thanks for reading this and for your continued support.