Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shoulder update

Hello all,

After only a few short weeks I had an appointment but due to work and my shifts it was last week when I could finally see somone re my MRI scan results.

I saw the actual Head of Department and he told me my collarbone is one of the worst he has seen, to quote "it is a right mess in there"! After discussing the X-rays etc he said there is still "some healing going on in there" and due to that he is loathe to touch it or operate until that has settled down. Although not specific as to when - or what - actually happened he seems to think I fractured the collarbone this time, and unfortunately, due to the previous injuries sustained (I broke/separated it when I was 17) AND the injury this time the Hospital missed it in February when they did the initial X-ray.

I have now had to make another appointment for 3 months and subject to how it is healing he is thinking of removing 4-5mm off my collarbone to improve movement, so yes you have guessed it, I am no further ahead and as it stands not racing for the forseeable future.

Cheers, Jagger