Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hello again!

Further to my previous post here is an update so far and unfortunately this one isn't good news......

After the fall off my 'board last month I went to the hospital on my return to the UK and was pleased to find I'd not broken anything (though I was a little disappointed by the attitude of the nurses who were less than enthusiastic or sympathetic!). I also went to the Doctors who were also not that much use either! I'd done some research myself and thanks to my super helpful physio mate (cheers Neil!) we worked out I'd partially separated my AC joint and then put it back in place whilst in the shower the following day.

I was hoping to "self manage" the injury but unfortunately whilst it has got better (I've not had time off work) it hasn't got better as quick as I'd like and simply isn't up to the rigours of racing. So with regret I've withdrawn my entry to Snetterton next week.

My intention is to return to racing for the Cadwell meeting 14/15th April.

Stay tuned and hopefully see you there......

Cheers, Jagger

PS For those of you that have tried to contact me we have just found out that the web site is NOT re-directing mail to me. I have no idea how long this has been out of action so apologies if you've messaged me and I've not replied. We're working on it! Try us on