Monday, 21 May 2012

Donington Park - THIS WEEKEND!!

Hello All

We've been busy preparing for this weekend's “home round” at Donington Park in Leicestershire on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May 2012.

After the disappointment at Cadwell, the bike was repaired, although to be honest, not too much damage.

I had a track day last week as a shakedown prior to this weekend's meeting, considering it is my local track I've not ridden there since 2008.

The track day itself was quite tricky with very cold temperatures and a damp track. The first two sessions were on intermediate tyres, it was then dry enough to change to a dry set up, only for the weather to change completely and it poured down, meaning another tyre change!

After lunch, the sun came out and the track had dried, I ventured out onto a dry track. However, despite the repeated advice of my pit crew, I hadn't drained the belly pan of the water from the wet session, convinced that it would be OK and evaporate didn't!! As I tipped into Coppice the remaining water tipped onto the track with me gracefully slipping to the side. Luckily it was only an 'out' lap and I wasn't traveling too fast. As the red flags came out to stop the session, rather embarrassed, I rode the bike back to the pits.

A quick inspection revealed no damage and after emptying the belly pan of gravel, I was back on track for the next session. This session went really well, but the final session of the day was missed as a hailstorm hit us and turned the track into a skating rink, just before we were due to go out.

I'm quite looking forward to this weekend's meeting. Fingers crossed the weather stays sunny and dry as predicted, if you fancy a day trip out, hope to see you there. We'll be in one of the garages.



PS: Here is the updated Fantasy Riders Jagger Racing League Table. Well done Karl, keep up the good work, and I've just nicked second place from Lou!