Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cadwell Park - Rounds 3 & 4 - 3/5 May

Following a few tweaks and adjustments after the first meeting, I headed off to Cadwell with the intention of getting the Season off to a start! I even managed to get to the gym for some much needed fitness work. I've always enjoyed riding the circuit and was looking forward to running the K8. Testing on Saturday was pretty straightforward and a few adjustments to the suspension cleaned up the tyres nicely. The bike didn't feel as though it was doing anything wrong but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get near my previous times. I gave the bike a quick check over, new pads and tyres ready for race day and an early night.

I got excellent starts in all of the races (and restarts), and although my fitness didn't seem as bad as Croft, I really struggled with 'arm pump'(it was that bad on Sunday I couldn't even hold a drink afterwards!). The only saving grace was a reasonable result in Saturday's second race. From 18 to 8th in tricky, damp conditions.

Really disapointed with my lap times and it was gutting to run as high as 4th only to disappear backwards as the races went on.

Back to the gym again!?

Catch you later,


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