Saturday, 6 June 2009

Anglesey - Rounds 5 & 6 - 30/31 May

If you've been following my Blog you'll have picked up that this season hasn't exactly gone to plan or some might say even started! It's hard to explain - and even harder to swallow! After my good form last year I was hoping to continue to progress and make a good showing in the Phoenix Championship but without the pressure of the Superclub Championship that I've been doing for the last five years. I can't quite put my finger on it frustratingly and that's the worst bit...........

So, on to Anglesey....

We arrived Thurs evening for the test day Friday and the paddock was PACKED! Friday went well aside from a delay for 4hrs due to the sea mist coming in and affecting visibility. I'd got a new Bridgestone rear slick to test and put this on for the last session. I'd been running round in the 1.37/38's quite comfortably but as I rode into the pits as the session was red flagged Lou told me I was running 35's! The bike was loads better and the tyre was very impressive too. I decided to save the tyre for Saturday and fit a new front and new pads, scrubbing them in during practice.

Well up for Race 1, I got a great start from the 4th row and settled into 7th place. The flying lap was a 1.38, lap 2 1.34 and into the 33's on lap 3. The bike felt really good and I felt comfortable sitting on the back of the group that ran up to 3rd place. Unfortunately that's where the fairy tale ended! I 'lost' the front onto the back straight just as I was hooking 4th gear......just when it felt like I'd found my mojo!

I rebuilt the bike (luckily it wasn't too badly damaged) and not making the 2nd race I ran at the back of the Novice race for 2 laps just check it out.

Sunday was ok, the first race was from the back of the grid (34th?) finishing 18th and race two I went from 18th to 12th but not running as quick as Saturday's pace.

Despite the results it was a good weekend with fantastic weather and also big thanks to the 'Tres Hombres' (Colin, Luke and Steve) who came over to support me at their FIRST race meeting! Cheers lads.

Catch ya'll later.


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