Monday, 27 July 2009

Jagger "FINALLY" Racing

After much soul searching, frustration and disappointment during the first part of the season, this weekend saw a return to form for Phil and the Team.

After having the damaged shock repaired, Phil was pleased to learn he was running a good pace on the practice day and after fitting new brake pads and tyres for Saturday managed to finish race 1, 9th from 22nd on the grid, setting a personal best in the process, albeit by a few 10ths. The second race was easier as he didn't have to fight through the traffic and again posted a faster lap time by almost a second, finishing 8th.

The Team enjoyed a relaxed Saturday night and with Phil's spirits raised and a fantastic start to Sunday's race 1, he was running a solid 4th but began to fade from lap 6 onwards, finishing 8th. Although disappointed he was pleased to learn he'd beaten his best lap time yet again, this time a 1:35.20. Upon investigation, it was found that the rear shock had failed yet again, slowing the steering which would explain Phil's arm pump! Luckily the shock was temporarily repaired and Phil made the last race and a 7th place finish.

In all, the Team enjoyed a fantastic weekend of racing, the weather held off and was sunny most of the time, Phil would like to say a personal thanks to Stu & Claire for their assistance, Phil Murden and his son Sam for their support and encouragement (and laughs), and Colin at 100% Suspension for the emergency shock repairs.

See you all at Anglesey,


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