Sunday, 23 August 2009

Gone with the Wind!!!

Even before the team arrived at Anglesey, the weather report for the weekend was grim. Although the journey up was in glorious late evening sunshine, as soon as we started setting up camp, the wind began to cause problems. Friday's test was fairly straight forward in sunny conditions, and after a few minor changes to the setup the bike was readied for Saturday's racing.

An average start from 10th on the grid made it difficult for me to make up any places and taking the outside line round The Banking I tried to clawback a few positions, all to no avail. As the race settled into the usual rhythm, I couldn't quite match the pace of the leaders although I was managing to keep 7th and 8th in sight. I tried to reel them in but finished quite a lonely 9th, matching my previous personal best of 1:12.30 just over 2.5 seconds adrift but 8 seconds clear of 10th.

In race 2 I again made a poor start by my own standards, getting pushed wide into the first turn. The first few laps were quite eventful with a number of fallers and incidents. I soon settled into a rhythm and was closing on the rider in front when the oil flags went out round the entire circuit. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem but coupled with a few minor slides made me lose confidence in the amount of grip and my lap times suffered. I recovered in the final 2 laps and started to reel in 5th place and very nearly put a move into the Corkscrew, but wasn't quite close enough to pull it off cleanly. Slightly frustrated, 6th place was good for the Championship.

A few minor changes were planned for Sunday's racing but I was unable to try them as extremely strong winds overnight/early morning made the track unsafe and the meeting was cancelled.

A big thanks to Charlie, Colin & Steve for making the long journey to support me. Look forward to seeing you all at Cadwell next month.



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